What is New?

I had a blogger’s breakthrough moment last night. I did a Google search and found that my website site was number one on the list. Being right at the top of a Google search is, of course, the goal of the blogger. That is Internet dominance.

You can try it too. Just type in “sut my dit” in your Google search thing there and, in less than a second, you will see, right at the top – “Sut my Dit and other Stories – Ross Knows – www.mcmacman.com”.

Okay, I know. The chances that someone is ever going to do a “sut my dit” search – someone who doesn’t already know who I am – are slim. Very slim. Non-existent. I choose not to focus on that.




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3 thoughts on “What is New?

  1. Watch this Blog VERY CLOSELY people. It is going to be THE best, THE most clever, THE funniest on the www. This man has delighted and entertained many of us Chosen Few for years. Now it’s your turn. Congratulations Ross!

  2. Always a great read. Clearly you have too much time to think… a sadly lacking attribute of modern life for most of us.

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