Update on Progress and a Correction

First. Things are not going well on my next post. In some of my “family” posts, I enjoy describing our dysfunction: My laughable efforts to assert my authority; My Wife’s amused dismissal of my parenting ‘vision'; The boys’ profane disdain for all authority, especially parental authority. It’s cute and harmless.

But this next piece is supposed to be about the much-lauded “family supper”. This piece threatens to expose us as deeply pathological. That’s the sort of thing that has to be carefully worded.

So, it is taking a while.

In the meantime, let me correct a couple of things on the last big post – the one about The Charter and the CBC and HarperHostility towards Ross’s Canada.

People do indeed love the CBC. However, I was way off the mark with my special mention of Cross Country Checkup. I said it wasn’t “just another dumb phone in”. It appears that I am wrong about this. The Checkup, some believe, is just an opportunity for the dumb and the boring to be dumb and boring in a “national”, rather than merely  local or regional, way. Others do not like the Host – Rex. I can understand that. He’s very polite, however, and has a very good radio face.

So, I’m drawing back from my effusion with respect to Rex Country Checkup. But not the rest.

Worse than including TyranaPompous Rex in my praise, however, was the wealth of radio gold that I failed to mention. Like Terry O’Reilly’s new Age of Persuasion, which is called Under the Influence. And Randy Bachman’s Vinyl Tap. And, can you believe that I left out Stuart McLean? The Debaters?

Many people like Afghanada. I usually miss it. It’s on the wrong time of day for me. It is one of the dramatic CBC Radio offerings being terminated because of the budget cuts.

So. Sorry.

Enjoy the CBC while you can.

2 thoughts on “Update on Progress and a Correction

  1. A CBC show that deserves strong mention is Holgar Petersen’s Saturday Night Blues. If you like the blues, its really great!

    Most evenings I listen to all or part of As It Happens, The Current Review, and Ideas. I’ve been listening to As It Happens since the 1970’s when Barbara Frum and Allan Maitland hosted it. For political pieces I find that Carol Off has a very obvious and totally predictable centre left bias, that for me is kind of annoying. When I listen to old clips from the Barbara Frum days, I really miss the more balanced and broad minded approach.

    For the Charter of Rights, do you agree that Patriating the Constitution without the government of Quebec, the “night of long knives” (I know, its a complete myth), and the subsequent failure of the Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accords has in fact left a festering wound in Quebec that is used ad nausem by Sovereigntists for political advantage?

    I would have thought that living close to Albert and Victoria streets, in the City of Regina, with a statue of her Majesty on a horse at the Leg, that you might be more favourably disposed to the monarchy! (just kidding)

    Don’t forget that Chuck and Cam will be in the Queen City on the 23rd!

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